5 Coins in a Wishing Well EP

by Sétamùr

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On 2011 begins the collaboration between Norman and the Serbian musician Melinda Ligeti. The project then begins alternating between the use of the Italian and English language with both male and female vocals.
Working at a distance, on each other’s music, new songs are born richer and intimate. Soon the idea was born to arrange the songs for just guitar, piano and vocals; idea that came to life in a very short time through the studio live recording of the EP "5 Coins in a Wishing Well."
200 copies numbered by hand that went sold out in just 2 months!
The promotional tour touched places in Italy and Serbia on concerts as well as radio showcases and a very appreciated appearance on the Serbian national TV RTS2.


released 25 July 2011

Norman "Sétamùr" Baiocchi: acoustic guitar, vocals
Melinda Ligeti: vocals, piano

Produced, mixed and mastered by Marco Raffa
Recorded live on June 2nd 2011 @ Trappola Acustica, Piancastagnaio (Si), Italy
Cover Photo: Roberta Demeglio
Band photo: Andrea Valenti
Layout: Michele Scalacci
Artwork: Stampa 2000

All songs written by Baiocchi/Ligeti except "Falling Slowly" (Hansard/Irglovà)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Sétamùr Italy

Sétamùr was born in winter 2009 as a solo project of Norman Baiocchi (Liberal Carme, Misdea [Live Soundtracking] ..). The music creates a cinematic dream-pop very evocative and refined thanks to the mixture of electronics and woodwinds with more traditional tools.

In time the project evolved in 3 different levels: solo, duo and full band (7 members)
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Track Name: Look Back
No summer breeze,
no featherlite whispers,
can come as close -
- as close as you are to me.
(So close, so close, so close..)

Look back,
turn around, turn around,
I'm right behind you -
(So close, so close, so close..)
- invisible, secluded, undeniable..

Exhale all the pain,
rejection and anger,
breathe me in instead
I'm only a thought away from you..
Inhale all the beauty..
Track Name: Chopin Hour
Mutual desire, sensuality..
Both of them feeding on each other's fantasy
They feel the need to get closer..

He rises his hands
He reaches out to her
The longing gets stronger
The moment of suspense
Until he can feel her skin under his fingertips
They shiver inside
Feeling the first touch before it even starts..

She reaches out to him
Her hands going through his hands
Tries to freeze the moment of complete devotion..

Touch fades away announcing the awakening hour
That sprinkles their dreams to dust
Leaving behind nothing but the white noise..
Track Name: Journey
Nothing to do wiht this sun, this rain, this clouds...
Where am I? Maybe where you are, but you’re gone for good

Outside now
Inside out
Upside down

Tired to walk at a bother pace
Feelin’ like the fleshy reflection of my shadow

Outside is dark, the light so dim
This train is passing by like blood down through my veins

I’ll never cry these tears again
you never cry the same tear twice

The sun is rising, good for him
The dawn never talked to me, always strangers when we meet

But this train is running away
Drawing landscapes deep and flat as my escape

Girl, you’ve been a woman too soon
Boys don’t cry and die in june and we’re not happy nor sad

I ask myself if I’ll ever know
Looking for my depth, for you or just keep on reading?
Track Name: Butterfl'eyes/Fusione Latente
I'm no stranger to this place
I've been here before, not long ago.
Soon I'll be home, wondering,
how can it be that this experience is real
and yet it feels so unreal to me.
Peace within my heart when I see Butterfl’eyes in my sleep.
Even when I'm awake they are here.

Ed è dolcissimo non appartenerti
Al punto da non rinunciarti per non ferirti
Al punto da agonizzarmi per darti vita
Da rispettarti rispettandomi comunque
Al punto da non averti per averti così
Al punto d’aver l’essenza quindi tutto
È dolcissimo non appartenerti più.

Come Butterfl’eyes, flutter your wings,
take me home where I belong.
(Take me home where I belong,
come Butterfl’eyes, flutter your wings now)
Lead the way, embrace this sweet moment of eternity,
like these waters, dark and so deep,
they are so inviting, why?..why..

Butterfl’eyes, flutter your wings
take away from me this pain.
(Take away from me this pain,
come Butterfl’eyes flutter your wings now)
I'm not afraid, I just need someone to hold me by the hand
when I fade away..